I believe that as humans we are always looking to learn, grow and heal from grief, trauma, loss and shame. After experiencing significant life change, there is a natural grief process that wants to happen within each of us. However,  we are so often overwhelmed with the change that we are unable to allow this grief process to happen fully, or to re-engage with life. In looking at our unresolved grief, trauma loss and shame we are able to begin to heal.

I have worked with people from many different walks of life with a myriad of different strengths and problem areas. This includes both men and women, from teenagers to the elderly of different cultural backgrounds, religious beliefs, etc. I have worked with individuals, groups, couples and family systems.

Some of the specific issues I have helped people address are: addiction, PTSD/trauma, depression, anxiety, co-dependence, self harm, grief, identity issues, sexual orientation issues, sexual abuse, eating issues, childhood abuse/neglect and family secrets, just to name some of them.